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My son discovered a new hobby to maximize his art talent

My son used to sit in front of the computer all day. Instead of studying hard, he spend most of his time to play computer games. Basically, he does not feel interested to other things except computer games.

In his birthday, a friend of mine bought him a birthday present from Colourfill. Things changed and it seems like a magic. He changed his lifestyle and engaging into the paint by numbers. His first painting was from the superhero collection. At the beginning, I did not expect that he will finish the whole painting and never thought that he can paint such a beautiful painting.

Besides, Colurfill's product provides a decent quality of Acrylic paint, which enables him to start  the enjoyable and fruitful path of painting. These water-based paints are great for newbies. The premium paints dry quick, dissolve in water. When he made a mistake, he did not have to start all over again. All he did was to wait for the little blunder to dry up, then fix it by painting over.

It became his new passion. He never thought that he could be a good painter and he is keen to further develop the painting hobby in to another level. On top of that, he found his interest and improved his creativity at class.


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